Topcon TRC NW100 Retinal Fundus Camera

Condition : used with perfect working condition.

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-Topcon TRC-NW100 Non-Myd Retinal Camera.
-Topcon ImagenetLite Digital Imaging Software.
-90 Dyas Warranty.
-the ability of the student 4.0mm
-The control panel touch switch practice
-Ability to connect to Topcon IMAGEnet 2000
-The complete solution for advanced acquisition of the retinal image
-Classification and Measurement
-Angle of coverage: 45
-diameter4.0mm students or range of more patient diopter
-No correction 13D +12 D lens
-With negative correction lens-12D to 33D-
-With correction lens plus 9 D 40 D
-Fixing targetCentral 1 point
-JPEG eighth compression - 20 pictures
-JPEG 1/16 compression - 40 images
-Power Source
-Frequency 50/60 Hz
-AC voltage 110/120/230/240V
-Weight: 24 kg (body)
-Dimensions: 272 (W) x 505 (D) x 560 (H) mm
-Power consumption: 400VA (maximum)
-70VA (Normal)