The Wand New Injection System Aseptico

The Wand New Injection System Aseptico

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include : The Wand Unit (STA-5110-110) Power Cord 110V(WA-1050) Foot Control (WA-1043) 9 Handpieces 3 w/ 30G 0.5″ Needle (STA-5050-305) 3 w/ 30G 1″ Needle (STA-5050-301) 3 w/ 27G 1.25″ Needle (STA-5050-2725) Performs single tooth and all traditional injection techniques Immediate profound anesthesia eliminates time spent waiting No numb cheek, lip or tongue Increased referrals–grow your practice! Eliminates the pain of traditional injections Virtually gets rid of the need for lower blocks Easy to use! Ideal for children and “needle phobic” patients Manufactured and serviced in the USA Weight: 28 lbs Dimensions: 22x16x20