Dental Platinum Implant Package Aseptico

Dental Platinum Implant Package Aseptico

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Electronic Control Console w/ LED
20:1 Mont Blanc Dental Implant Handpiece w/ Depth Gauge & Fiber Optics (AHP-85MBFO-CX)
Autoclavable Micromotor & Fiber Optic Cable (AE-230L-40)
Autoclavable Motor Holder (461561) & Attaching Bracket (461562)
Multi-Function Foot Pedal (AE-70V)
Dynamometer Adapter (461558)
Autoclavable Irrigation Tubing Set (AE-23)
Peristaltic Pump Tubing Set (AE-23-PUMP)
Irrigation Bag Hanger Rod (461541)
Handpiece Cradle
110V/220V Power Supply
Carrying Case (410205) [Optional]



Ideal for all traditional and mini implants
LED motor & fiber optic handpiece
Adjustable torque:
Up to 80 Ncm in Implant Mode
Up to 4.95 Ncm for surgical applications
Up to 1000 g-cm in Endo Mode
40k rpm autoclavable micromotor
FDA, NRTL, and CE compliant
Compatible with E-type 1:8 endo, 20:1 implant, 1:1, 1:2 surgical, 1:5 high speed handpieces
Automatically adjusts to most handpiece ratios
Upgradeable software
Easy-load irrigation pump
Selectable Auto-Stop function in Implant Mode and Auto-Stop-Reverse in Endo Mode when desired torque setting is reached
Easy-to-use interface that features adjustable handpiece ratio, speed, torque, and irrigation flow settings
Multifunction Foot Control – Pump on/off, Flow Rate, Micromotor Direction, Preset Selection and Torque
Auto-sensing dual voltage